Case Study -2

Best Buy

The goal of the assignment is to introduce you to turnaround strategy, systematic process involved in the analysis of the environment surrounding the company, and strategic management model.

Assume that you are an outside strategist hired by the Best Buy to assist the management in formulating a turnaround strategy for the company. The board of directors of the company are interested in learning about both internal and external factors or forces that led the company into this crisis. The Board of Directors would like an outside strategist to conduct a systematic analysis of the company and its environment to gather information or answers to the questions such as – what are problems that the company needs to address today to survive, turnaround, and grow? What are the realistic alternatives or strategies available for the company based on its strengths and weakness, and opportunities and threats to solve the problems the company is facing today? The Board is leading the management into formulating a turnaround strategy that will create a value for the shareholders.

Your job as a strategist is to analyze the environment, identify the problems facing the company, formulate alternative strategies, and present the alternative available for the company to turn around the company into a long-term growth.

Please use the case analysis video as a guide for the analysis and for preparing the report.

Case Analysis

Strategic Management

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