BUSN 5200

Cover Page

Table of Contents

List of Tables

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary


Company background, mission, goals, objectives, sales, assets, growth rate, market position, company strategies, product and services, management, and other information.

Source of Info: Company’s Annual Report, and Company’s Website

Market Outlook

Introduction to stock market, historical performance, and future outlook.

Source of Info: WSJ, Barrons, and other financial Websites

Industry Outlook

Nature of industry, type of composition, average industry growth, opportunities and threats in the industry, and future outlook.

Source of Info: Standard and Poor’s Industry Survey

Financial Statements Analysis

Compute applicable financial ratios, prepare common size statements, and analyze cash flow statements for at least for 3 years.

Source of Info: Company’s Annual Report

S and W Analysis

Compare the company’s financial ratios to the industry average, indicate the financial strengths and weakness, and explain the reasons for level of performance.

Source of info: Key Financial Ratios – Dun and Bradstreet


Source: Input from the group based on the analysis.



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