About the Professor

Dr. Ahmed’s primary teaching interests are in strategy, finance, organizational behavior, international business, and human resource management, while his secondary area of interest is finance. He and has taught undergraduate, masters, and doctoral courses for various universities and colleges for over 28 years. He has also served as a dissertation chair and committee member for a number of students pursuing doctoral degrees. His experience includes teaching graduate corporate clusters at several Fortune 500 companies, teaching international corporate clusters, and teaching and training at Kennedy Space Center and military facilities. In addition, he has experience with both traditional and electronic classroom teaching.

Dr. Ahmed’s teaching philosophy is based on five pillars of learning, which he refer to as the 5Ls: (1) learning is retaining, (2) learning is individual responsibility, (3) learning together is teamwork, (4) learning is a continuous process, and (5) learning is global understanding.

His research is focused on creating value for organizations. He believes that we have to focus on all of the functional areas of business to create value for an organization. His research for the last two decades has focused on management strategy and value creation, and his current focus is on management strategy, emotional intelligence, emerging leadership theory, intellectual capital, and its impact on the value of a firm. He has developed a basic emotional intelligence model for individuals and businesses of all size, in order to understand what emotional intelligence is and how it can be used to enhance performance in the workplace. Dr. Ahmed has developed a new leadership theory called emerging leadership theory, which he presented at the 2012 Academy of Management Conferences, where he received recognition for his work. He is currently developing a model for measuring the intellectual capital of firms.

Dr. Ahmed has been an Academy of Management member for more than 25 years, and has attended more than 25 annual meetings. At the annual meetings, he has presented papers, served as a reviewer for business policy, entrepreneurship, management consulting, management history, management education, healthcare management, and operations management divisions, and chaired several scholarly paper presentation sessions. He is also associated with Global Finance Association and has presented papers at its annual conference, including as a keynote speaker, and has reviewed papers and chaired scholarly paper sessions. In addition, he has presented papers and offered workshops at several international business and management conferences in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North America over the last 25 years.

He is an editor of the Journal of Global Business and Management, and a reviewer for Human Relations Journal.

Dr. Ahmed has more than twenty years of import and export management experience. He has several years of consulting experience in strategic management, corporate culture, emotional intelligence, leadership, capital investments, and global business management.

Dr. Ahmed and his co-presenters received the Best International Symposium award at the Academy of Management Conference in Boston, August 2012.

Dr. Ahmed received the Student’s Choice Award for best student-oriented faculty member at the University of Central Florida’s Brevard Campus for 1994-95.

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